Diana McNally is an award-winning graphic artist and activist based out of Toronto, Canada. She is regrettably Millennial in the sense that she pursues a polymathic lifestyle as a community development worker, digital media illustrator, DJ, published academic, and post-secondary lecturer (also award-winning). She likes collecting Italo Disco records, VHS tapes, and terrible action figures and enjoys semantic humour. She is committed to food and housing security initiatives, accessible education, and community arts praxis as well as her two cats, Morpho and Pony.

For inquiries, commissions, quotes or sales, please feel free to send an e-mail:
diana [dot] mcnally [at] gmail [dot] com.


University of Toronto
Adult Education and Community Development
Expected 2019

Ontario College Diploma
George Brown College
Community Worker

University of Toronto
Museum Studies

Concordia University
Design Art and Art History


Dean's Medal, 2016
George Brown College
Awarded on the basis of GPA and on the potential for success
in the field of study, i.e. community work

President's Academic Program Recognition Award, 2015
Communications and Media Foundations (CAMF) Program, Centennial College
Received as Coordinator of the program

3x3 Professional Illustration Annual Awards No. 11, 2014
Honorable Mention

Master’s Program Student Assistance Scholarship
University of Toronto


Drop-in and Resource Development Supervisor
Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre
2016 — Present

Post-secondary Professor
Centennial College, School of Communications, Media and Design
2013 — Present

Sessional Instructor
Ryerson University, School of Fashion
2011 — 2016

Program Coordinator
Centennial College, Communications and Media Foundations
2015 - 2016

Visual Identity Designer
University of Toronto, Department of Strategic Communications
2008 — 2011

Exhibitions and Youth Programming Assistant
The Design Exchange
2007 — 2008

Research Assistant
Concordia University and McGill University (Joint Project)
2005 — 2006


Illustration and graphic design clientele have included:
Universal Music, EMI, E1 Films, TSN, Koyama Press, The University of Toronto, The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), The University Health Network, Maisonneuve Magazine, Boards Magazine, Dandyhorse Magazine, NBA Magazine (Europe), The National Post, The Los Angeles Times, Bijou Editorial, Magic Pony, Girls' Art League, Greenest City, PARC, Materialistic Inc., Icehouse Press, Fire and Ash Publishers, The Laser Blast Film Society, CINSSU and the various DJs, bars, promoters and personalities of Toronto, Canada.


Program Evaluation Consultant, Garden Buddies Program
Green Thumbs Growing Kids
2016 - Present

Instructor, Digital Media
Helping Youth Pursue Education (HYPE), Centennial College
2014 - Present

Program Development Assistant, Co-op Cred Program
West End Food Co-op, Ride4RealFood, Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre
2015 - 2016

Program Development Assistant, Community Artist Program

Artist Mentor, tdsbCREATES
Toronto District School Board
2014 — 2015

Volunteer Mentor, HTML and CSS
Ladies Learning Code
2014 — Present


Project Manager and Curator
Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre, with Myseum of Toronto: em|PATH, 2016

Online: waste not, want not. Curator: Shaun Kardinal, 2014
"Waste (Time), Want (Interaction)."

Gallery 1313: Art Builds. Curator: Phil Anderson, 2014
"CGA City" and "Automounta."

Xpace: Yahoo! Answers. Curator: Alicia Nauta, 2013
"The Unknowable Self."

AGO: Gift Shop Gift Shop. Curators: Pascal Paquette and Sean Martindale, 2012

Narwhal Art Projects: Lovable Badass. Curator: Steven Charles Manale, 2010
"Good Defense 1 and 2."


Board Director, Justice for Children and Youth
2015 — Present

Chair, Communications and Community Engagement Committee, Parkdale Community Land Trust
2015 — Present

Committee Member, Ride4RealFood


Peer-reviewed Journals
McNally, Diana. “Affinitas and Aversus: Constructing Meaning in the Museum as Simulacrum.” Kapsula. 3.4 (2013): n. pag. Web.

McNally, Diana. “Architectural Dissonance at the Museum.” Kapsula 1.4 (2013): n. pag. Web.

Contributor, Good Food Revolution, 2015 — Present

Short Fiction
Kozyndan, eds. “The Extraordinary Mr. Pneumatic Expunger’s Education in Infelicitous Parlance.” The Unknown Portraits. Toronto: Magic Pony Press, 2009. 9. Print.

Harvest of Hope: The Parkdale Co-op Cred Program.” Good Food Revolution, 2015

The Canadian National Exhibition, 2010

Pink Mafia, 2010


Roundtable Co-Facilitator
Tommy Douglas Institute
"Stories of Environmental Justice" with Dr. Franz Hartmann, 2016

“Faculty Perspectives on Critical Pedagogy and Educating for Change” with Anna Willats, 2015

Small Talk
“Art and the Authorial Genius,” 2014

“The Museum as Simulacrum,” 2013